Streative Branding

MDM owner Shari Swan is the also the founder of Streative Branding, an Amsterdam based branding, design and trend intelligence agency that has been whispering into the ears and designing brands and products for senior executives at Estee Lauder, Nike, Mexx, Reebok, Rituals, O2, Telefonica, Skype, Bacardi, Starbucks, Givaudan, Zon, and Populus for over 9 years now. At Streative, Shari created Project Mole, a global network of information sharers, designers, artists, digital divas, media mavens and branding specialists. Streative has curated and collaborated with this ever growing network to develop award winning products and innovated brand concepts for some of the most successful companies in the world. Shari and Warren’s most recent passion has been the creation of Manoir du Moulin, a boutique accommodation in the Vendée which partners with Streative to act as a Live Laboratory Think Tank for our client projects and events. More on Streative here.

Lionel Guilbaud

Lionel Guilbaud was formerly the Chef at the Logis de la Chabotterie, arguably one of the best and most famous restaurants in the Vendée (see our diningsection). Lionel’s international career spans many years and he has received numerous industry awards on top of being a Master Chef. He’s also become a household name due to his appearance on many television cooking shows.

Lionel has created a unique gourmet concept which he calls ‘P’tits Ventres de Terre’ which are small clay pots inspired by the traditional and larger ‘Pot a Mogette’ which have been used for centuries in the Vendée to cook mogette (white beans) in french fireplaces. In his restaurant by the same name Lionel infuses these pots with his own special blend of ingredients and then slow cooks the creations to create a delicious, unique dish.

Manoir du Moulin is thrilled to be able to offer our clients the ‘chef experience’ and partners with Lionel to offer guests intimate cooking lessons and meals in our kitchen. He also caters some of our larger group events too. Please see our Packages section for more info.

Hermine Communication

Hermine Communication is fortunate to have its headquarters located in the castle of Sainte Hermine, listed as a historical monument in France and located just next door to Manoir du Moulin.

Created in 1999 by Laurent Poultier, the company specializes in communication, strategy and development. Manoir du Moulin partners with  Hermine Communications on our client and branded, corporate events.  Learn more about Hermine Communication here.

Sherrie Zwail-SZI Design

SZl Design is an Amsterdam based design studio, specializing in interior design for retail, offices, museums, boutique hotels and residences. Our services include conceptual design, team building, space planning, design development, project and construction management, both large and small, for the international community.

Manoir du Moulin was pleased to collaborate with SZI on the interior concept and design of our accommodations. Find out more about SZI designhere.

Thorsten Haas-Haas Renovation

After learning his trade and apprenticing in his native Germany, Thorsten moved to France and set up his business not far from Manoir du Moulin. Thorsten is a master craftsman and led the complete renovation and transformation of the interior at Manoir du Moulin. From replacing huge floorbeams in the attic and dry-walling, to plumbing, tiling and painting, Thorsten’s skills are varied, many and above all executed to the highest possible standards.