The surf iSurfn the Vendee is generally underrated and unknown, most travelers pass it up for the more famous areas to the South like Biarritz and Hossegor. Not that anyone in the Vendee is complaining, this provides the opportunity to surf without the crowds found further South and the vibe is generally more laid back.

Our nearest spot is La Terriere/Bud Bud which offers quality beachbreak peaks scattered over a stretch of about 3km’s. Tucked around the corner in La Tranche sur Mer are a couple options when the swell is too big for the beaches and the wind is from the West.The furthest quality break to the North in the Vendee is also it’s most famous-La Sauzaie. It’s about an hours drive from MDM and can get very crowded when good but is a consistent, quality reef break.

In between La Sauzaie and La Tranche, tucked away in hidden coves or down a winding path through the pine forest, are many other options for experienced surfers to explore.